What Is This Blog About?

Thank You for visiting this collection of ideas!  My #1 goal is reinforce the possibilities of natural grass sport surfaces anywhere in the world. Grass Can Take More!!

Public perception is that Natural Grass Sport Surfaces can not sustain an increased amount of use.  Even turfgrass experts try to cap the number of hours a natural grass surface can sustain.  Well that perception is incorrect : #GrassCanTakeMore!

How? Through sharing lessons and new ideas, innovation and creativity abound. And new possibilities for natural grass sport surfaces are created every single day.  Whether you are a sports professional or an avid lawn enthusiast in search of answers to achieve perfection; There is content here for you.

Growing Green Grass encourages any and all of you to share information that leads to creative thinking and open discussion.  Through discussion and even debate,  more ideas are created!

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten”.

Whether you are a parent of a soccer player that wants to understand the possibilities of field maintenance, a home owner trying to learn more about maintaining a professional quality lawn, or the Head Grounds Manager for a professional stadium- our observations and experiences in the “living laboratory” of turfgrass management around the world hopefully help!  Best of luck in your goals and Thank You for stopping by! – JM


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