What Is This Blog About?

Hello, and Thank You for visiting!  GrowingGreenGrass is a collection of my personal thoughts, independent of all clients and projects.  GrowingGreenGrass was created in 2012 to simply share observations from an idea collection trip to Europe.  The ideas that were discovered were endless, and the door to an entirely new world of possibilities for high-use, natural grass fields was opened for me.

Since this sharing began, endless possibilities have been illustrated and new ideas have been created. In the Fall of 2012, we explored then followed through with seeding a field w 100% Kentucky bluegrass, then played on it 35 days after seeding.  Universe® Fraze Mowing started right here in a simple blog post in the Winter of 2012. Excitement for professionalism has been explored.  And even controversy has been fueled.  If you do not like controversy, and / or are a fan of the Status Quo… this is NOT the place for you.  But if you are excited about the future of high-use natural grass surfaces, please join us as often as possible!

Now we are in 2019…  and the #GrassRevolution & #GrassCanTakeMore® are reaching new heights every single day!

The goal for GrowingGreenGrass posts is to have a base in “fact” or “real life”.   I work to ensure the “facts” are supported with examples.  Now in 2019, you will start seeing the addition of data and numbers supporting what I see as “fact”.  Plenty of people have opinions in the world of high-use natural grass.  But few people of solutions.  An opinion can be biased and does not help support or improve high-use natural grass surfaces.

And, as I sometimes do, if I writing something from opinion, that will be labelled as an “opinion piece”.

Public Perception continues to be that Natural Grass Sport Surfaces can not sustain high-use.  Turfgrass “experts” and organizations continue to “cap” the number of hours a natural grass surface can sustain.  So we simply ask… if a field is failing, then why do we not adjust our maintenance?  Then grass fields will improve, and Public Perception will begin to evolve.

I see it as simple: “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten”.

Whether you are a parent of a soccer player that wants to understand the possibilities of field maintenance, a home owner trying to learn more about maintaining a professional quality lawn, or the Head Grounds Manager for a professional stadium- our observations and experiences in the “living laboratory” of turfgrass management around the world hopefully help!  Best of luck in your goals and Thank You for stopping by! – JM


Now will you join us in the discussions???

“Changing the Answer is Evolution
Changing the Question is a Revolution”.

Welcome to the natural grass REVOLUTION! #GrassCanTakeMore®


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