Who Am I?

If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” ~Bishop T.D. Jakes

I am Jerad Minnick, an independent advisor and teacher for natural grass sports surfaces. I am also a natural grass and environmental advocate.  Having grown up on a family farm in the village of Lock Springs, Missouri, plants and soils are in my bloodline. The transition from growing soybeans to natural grass took place early in life when I built my first baseball field at 13 years old. That progressed to starting a mowing company at 15 and working at the local golf course at 18.  Even as started my education attending the University of Missouri to study turfgrass management, I never imagined where a passion for sports and natural grass could take me!

My career has been built quickly and uniquely because I have been lucky to work with some of the most intelligent and passionate people in natural grass and sports.  University of Missouri Athletics, Kansas City Royals, Sporting Kansas City and the Maryland SoccerPlex are all on not only on my resume, but each were unique experiences and teachers in creating high quality, high traffic grass fields.

Growing Green Grass is my personal blog independent of all clients and projects.  I created Growing Green Grass in 2012 to share observations from an idea collection trip to Europe.  The ideas that were discovered were endless, and an entirely new world of possibilities for natural grass fields was created.

Since this sharing began, endless possibilities have been illustrated, controversy has been fueled, and new ideas have been created.  Universe Fraze Mowing even started right here in a simple blog post in the winter of 2012.  Hopefully this is just be beginning for all of this.

My goal is to base all posts in “fact”.   And I support the “facts” with examples.  Plenty of people have opinions, but opinion can be controversial and does not help move forward and support natural grass surfaces.  If I am writing something from opinion, that will be labelled as an “opinion piece”.

Sharing ideas and collaboration between people is how new possibilities are created.  A natural grass field manager in Japan could have an issue that a field manager in Turkey has previously experienced.  Or a manager in Texas could be headed toward an issue that he doesn’t realize, but a manager in Florida has previously experienced it and can recognize the upcoming challenge.  The goal is Growing Green Grass is to provide the vehicle for sharing and collaboration.  THANK YOU for joining us!!!!

Now will you join us in the discussions???

“Changing the Answer is Evolution
Changing the Question is a Revolution”.

Welcome to the natural grass REVOLUTION!





2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi Jerad, I have always been very impressed by your results at the soccerplex where my son has played for the past few years. Any chance you would take on a struggling homeowner in Silver Spring? If not, is there anyone in the area you would recommend to get their lawn in shape? I’ve tried the basics the past 5-6 years & now am willing to admit I don’t have the knowledge/formula for success. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Tim! Great to hear from you! Ironic that you ask about the lawn… I am actually in the process of creating a lawn seminar with that very thing in mind: Providing some educational topics that you as a home owner could utilize to make your lawn stronger and healthier. With some basic principles, we can make you the lawn expert of the neighborhood!

      Drop me an email to Jerad@growinginnovations.net and we can discuss it further. I want to do the seminar likely the week after Memorial Day, just in time to prepare you for the fall renovation. Hope your week is progressing successfully, and look forward to talking further! JM

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